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Hospitality gets a break

Hospitality gets a break

Alpine Shire hospitality businesses will save 600 dollars

Hospitality businesses in the Alpine Shire could save over 600 dollars, now council have voted to waive some fees for the 2021/22 financial year.

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The Alpine shire were given another round of funding from the state government as part of the Bushfire Recovery Victoria Council Support Fund and Local Councils Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package.

“This fee relief has been made possible through Government funding, which Council has chosen to use to directly help local businesses during this challenging time,” said Alpine Shire Mayor John Forsyth.

The relief in total is estimated to cost around $132,000.

Businesses are urged to contact Council on 5755 0555 to renew their registration for free or to arrange a refund.

Photo: Alpine Shire

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