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Beanies beanies beanies!

Beanies beanies beanies!

Community back beanies for local family

July 14th will see the "sea of beanies" at the WJ Findlay Oval, as players, officials and supporters alike will don their Beanie's for Brain Cancer.

O&M Football clubs Wangaratta Rovers and Myrtleford, have expressed their support to the O'Donohue family, who lost their wife & mother Lina to brain cancer in December.

They've been asking people to purchase beanie's from the Carrie Bickmore Beanie's 4 Brain Cancer Foundation in order to help support the cause, and pay tribute to well known and much loved local Lina O'Donoghue. And make a day of it in July.

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So far they've managed to raise roughly $15,000 and have told the Wangaratta Chronicle that "it definitely got bigger than they'd imagined"

John O'Donohue hopes to raise awareness about this devastating disease which people often know little about. Mr.O'Donohue also says that "what Carrie Bickmore has done to raise awareness is fantastic".

Wangaratta Rovers and Myrtleford will play at the WJ Findlay Oval on the 14th of July, and the family hope to get a picture of the many supporters in their beanie's on the day.

Lina O'Donohue

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