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Beechworth Centre Robbed

Beechworth Centre Robbed

Beechworth Centre Robbed

The Indigo Shire has been robbed at the Beechworth Information Centre, just days after the council met with police to discuss crime rates.

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The Border Mail reported that a break in occurred at the Beechworth Information Centre over the weekend where laptops and cash were stolen, as well as a small amount of damage.

Figures published revealed an increase of 70% in burglary and break-ins, with a total of 37 in 2018, to 63 ending march 2019.

Mayor Bernard Gaffney has been quick to respond by explaining Indigo is not a crime hotspot and is still a safe place to live.

Bright has also been one of the most popular hotspots for crime lately, with several shops and cars broken into in the past month.

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