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Bell released

  • Bell releasedSupreme Court Of Victoria. Image: Nickbenanh Cc By-sa 3 0

Bell released

The man who was found responsible for the death of Roberta "Bobbie" Brown in Wangaratta last year has been released by a Supreme Court on Appeal.

The Border Mail reports that Aaron Bell was not seen to be as morally culpable as Judge Michael McInerney did when passing down the nine month gaol sentence.

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The paper also reports Supreme Court judges, Philip Priest and David Ashley said the incident was a true case of momentary inattention.

The successful appeal however has seen her husband Peter critical of the appeal system and questioning why family have no voice in the process.

Mr Brown has said the rights of the family are not taken into consideration.

The Supreme Court judges released Bell from gaol and sentenced him to a two year community correction order.