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Border Crossing Times

Border Crossing Times

Calculating Commute Times Made Simpler With New Website

With Border check points back have you ever sat in the queues wondering if you would have been better taking another route? As the clock ticks down and you realise you're going to be late, pondered how traffic is moving at other checkpoints?

Or before leaving home have attempted to use apps or the web to try and make a judgement on which way would be the best option?

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Well, wonder no more! A new website designed by Albury man, Gavin James, now has all the info about the Albury/Wodonga checkpoints in one handy place.

The site uses data from Google to provide real-time info to compare the waiting time and travel time of the checkpoints on the Lincoln Causeway, Hume Freeway, at Bandianna and Lake Hume.

You can check the site here:

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