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Bridget McKenzie

Bridget McKenzie

Regional Australia Are Paying The Price For Power Obsessed Premiers

Nationals Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie says regional Australia and local industries are paying the price for power obsessed premiers.

Speaking with Kylie & Kev, she described it as ‘Bordermania’.

“For all of us on the border, we’ve been saying the same thing for over seven months – get an agreed definition of what a hot spot looks like and (premiers) start managing this pandemic like sensible adults,” Senator McKenzie explained.

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The Wodonga based senator says the Meat and Livestock Australia advertisement celebrating Aussie Lamb makes a salient point.

“Like that lamb ad by Meat and Livestock Australia that talks about states with very high concrete walls and whispered tones of ‘they’re called Queenslanders over there’ because the young child has no idea that we are one country and we are all Australians.

“I think that’s the disappointing thing we’ve seen last year and going forward we need to recapture the idea that we are a Commonwealth of states and the premiers need to come together so that we don’t have the uncertainty that we on the Border have had.”

The Senator has also blasted the Victorian Government for its failure to come to the aid of desperate farmers suffering a worker shortage.

“We’ve pre-vetted seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands – 25 thousand of them – we’re ready to stamp passports at a Commonwealth level, but they need to be quarantined in an appropriate way, and that’s up to the states,” Senator McKenzie said.

“Most states have arrangements in place. Unfortunately for Victoria, they’re refusing to put quarantine systems in place for ag workers specifically, whether it’s on farm, in Melbourne or out in the regions like Mildura, and yet they can very quickly somehow really quickly come up with a quarantine system for tennis players – so Rafa (Rafael Nadal) can come in with his masseuse, but our farmers can’t get the workers they need to get the crop off.”

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