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Campfire Warning for NE

Campfire Warning for NE

Image - DELWP

Region heads into a dangerous fire weekend

With temperatures over the long weekend set to soar, Forest Fire Management and CFA Victoria are urging locals and tourists to be extremely cautious with campfires.

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Tens of thousands of people are expected to fill campgrounds across north east Victoria in the lead up to Australia Day.

And campers are being warned to never leave their campfires unattended, as sparks can lead to a bushfire in a matter of minutes.

CFA's Andrew Arnold says more than 100 unattended or abandoned campfires have already been found in the north east this summer.

"It's a sad fact that people aren't being conscious about their campfires," he says. "And that's why we'd like to remind people that they do need to put their campfires out properly with water, not just bury them, so that they're cool to touch before they leave their campsite."

He said campfires might seem small and harmless, but they can escalate quickly, particularly in grassy areas. And with so many people out and about on a hot weekend, an out-of-control fire could put a lot of people in serious danger.

CFA asks anyone who is camping or travelling over the long weekend to check the Vic Emergency app, where they can find detailed information on any fires in the area and fire danger ratings. They also wanted to remind campers that campfires cannot be lit on a Total Fire Ban day.

"We'd also like to remind campers too, when they are lighting fires not to use petrol," says Mr Arnold. "There's a significant history of people who've been injured by lighting fires incorrectly, so please don't use accelerants."

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