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Customers empty shelves

Customers empty shelves

Customers seen stripping shelves of toilet paper and tissue boxes

There are increased fears about the Coronavirus outbreak and people have been stockpiling toilet paper at their local supermarkets.

At Albury Coles, shoppers have been seen clearing the shelves, filling trolleys with tissue boxes, toilet paper and food, with some shoppers reportedly moving onto different items such as baby wipes, paper towels and even condoms.

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The craze has gone viral on social media, with some customers allegedly becoming aggressive.

Most say they are paranoid the supplies may run out, while others are simply following the hype.

One customer purchased 24 rolls of toilet paper for her and her partner. That is 12 rolls each. She admitted that she was concerned and a bit freaked out. "What if they run out at Coles for months?" she said.

An Australian toilet paper manufacturer of Kleenex has promised to keep producing paper to meet the demand of customers.

The Kimberley-Clark firm posted on social media asking people not to panic and have opened manufacturing lines in South Australia to deal with shortages.

There are currently 10 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Victoria.

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