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Corowa Pool Debate

Corowa Pool Debate

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The decision for Corowa's outdoor pool is being opposed...

The Federation Council’s decision to opt for a 50 meter outdoor pool, in preference to a heated indoor 25 meter pool, has attracted strong opposition.

A public meeting in Corowa on Wednesday June 13th, called on Federation Council to rescind it’s decision to build an outdoor pool in the town.

The community voted in favor of an indoor 25 meter pool although the meeting was warned that an indoor pool would be very expensive to run.

Three former Mayors of Corowa Shire, including Fred Longmire, Gary Poidevin and Paul Miegel, all reportedly favor the indoor pool option that could be used all year round.

Councillor Longmire says support for the indoor option was overwhelming at the meeting.

"They moved the motion that the council be approached to reverse their decision, and as such apply the opportunity for the 25 meter, 8 lane indoor swimming pool rather than the 50 meter outdoor pool, and investigating the opportunity for a heated pool as well."

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Fred Longmire has said "I know that there was some interest even down at the Yarrawonga swimming club. People that are down there are now taking their children down to Wangaratta for "learn to swim" in the winter time and they would certainly support an opportunity in Corowa. So there's a really big picture here, and it's not just based on the fact that it's economic numbers as the "least cost" option".

Mr. Longmire has also stated that it would be beneficial to sporting groups as well "Remembering that the sporting groups would use it for rehabilitation, that's another strength of it. Across the communities in the region; you've got the young, you've got the sporting groups, you've got the elderly, I believe that it will be very very well patronized".

Mr. Poidevin has taken the matter to the Office of Local Government.

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