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Dead Animals Dumped

Dead Animals Dumped

Dead Animals Dumped at Rotary Park in Myrtleford

There has been two separate occasions of dumping puppies and kittens in garbage bags at Rotary Park in Myrtleford.

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The Border Mail reports Myrtleford resident Nicolle Nolan found a bag with two dead kittens at the park and then a few weeks later came across the same case with two dead puppies, half emerged in the Ovens river.

She believes the cats looked around 4-5 weeks old and the dogs 8-9 weeks when found at the Myrtleford park on the Great Alpine Road.

This follows a spike of dog baiting at dog parks occurring across Australia in the past couple of weeks.

The Alpine Council reiterates if anyone sees anything suspicious or any more cases of animal cruelty to report it to the council and the police immediately.

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