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Easier CBD Parking Now!

Easier CBD Parking Now!

Easier CBD Parking Now!

Wangaratta locals understand the struggle of scrounging through the purse just to find some coins for the parking meter. THAT HAS BEEN A PROBLEM, UNTIL NOW!

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The Rural City of Wangaratta council have teamed up with "Easy Park," an option where you can now pay your parking by your phone.

The process works by signing up to the application on your smartphone, linking your card details, and selecting the address or parking area code (displayed on the meter) you are located in.

You then select the duration of the time you will be parked, and you can stop it when you're back at your car, meaning you pay only for the time you park!

This also means that if you're parked in town but you've realised you need more time, you can top up on the go from your phone - wherever you are.

Say your goodbyes to not having enough coins for the meter.. and maybe even getting a fine because of that!

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