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Eric Bana Thanks Locals

Eric Bana Thanks Locals

Hollywood Star Overwhelmed By Movie Support

Acclaimed actor Eric Bana has reached out to Albury Wodonga, Wangaratta and surrounding movie lovers for topping nationwide attendance numbers for his latest film ‘The Dry’.

Speaking to Kylie and Kev, the Hollywood star reached out to express his gratitude for support of the film that has brought in more than $14million.

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“With the release of The Dry over the last month and the success of the film, one of the things I’ve been able to plot as one of the producers, is how the film does in different areas,” Eric explained.

“Your community has been absolutely incredible in their support of this Australian film and I wanted to get a chance to talk directly to them and thank them.”

It appears attendance at Albury’s Regent Cinemas in particular raised eyebrows.

"It was in the top ten the whole way along,” Eric said.

“It then got into the top three and then it became the top cinema in the country for many, many days. When you consider the population numbers compared to everywhere else in Victoria and NSW, it’s quite extraordinary.

“At one stage I said to my partner, ‘surely they’re going to run out of population eventually – how far have people been coming from to see this film? Or maybe they’re seeing it two or three times – we couldn’t quite work it out, but it’s something quite extraordinary.”

While the actor/producer is unsure what’s driven the appeal of the movie in our region, he hopes it’s been the relatable portrayal of rural Australia which is at the heart of film.

“It was very much our intention to try and put on screen the rural Australia that we all relate to, as opposed to a heightened, unrealistic version of country characters,” he said.

“We just wanted it to feel real, so that was a very deliberate thing. ‘m not sure, but maybe that is what has spoken to people in rural areas.”

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