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Exclusion Zones

Exclusion Zones

Exclusion Zone legislation has been passed by the NSW Parliament.

Exclusion Zone legislation has been passed by the NSW Parliament.

Now only awaiting assent by the Governor, the exclusion zone law in NSW will come into effect in a week or two.

Member for Albury Greg Aplin voted for the zones to take effect within 150 metres of abortion clinics such as the Englehardt Street Clinic in Albury.

"It means that where those abortion clinics exist around the state, there will now be exclusion zones in force once this bill has received assent by the Government. It's a matter of a few weeks, that then comes into effect so it means that people will not be able to gather within 150 meters of those clinics" said Mr. Aplin.

His support was confirmed when he spoke in the NSW Lower House on Thursday June 7th after taking into account the views of constituents. He says objectors to abortion have the right to protest, but it should be done elsewhere, where they won’t intimidate clients of the clinics, including Englehardt Street in Albury.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Barnaby Joyce contacted National members of the Upper House to vote against the 150 meter exclusion zone.

The NSW Upper House had voted in favor of the 150 meter no protest zone surrounding abortion clinics in previous weeks.

The matter had reached such a high profile following encounters around the Englehardt St Clinic in Albury, and the unauthorised filming of people attending the clinic who have reportedly felt intimidated.

The Border Mail reported it had also been highlighted by a community Legal Centres paper which outlined that Helpers of God's Precious Infants had been protesting for over a decade, which has led to people needing the service to self harm or attempt suicide.

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