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Exercising & Masks

Exercising & Masks

Do I need to wear a mask when exercising?

If you are doing strenuous exercise - like running or jogging you are not required to wear a mask.

If you are bush walking and out of breath or puffing, you are not required to wear a mask.

But, you must carry a face covering or mask with you so you can wear it before or after exercising.

From 11.59pm on Sunday August 2, the Premier Daniel Andrews announced that every regional Victorian over the age of 12 will be required to wear a mask when leaving your home.

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More info about masks from DHHS

Does my child need to wear a mask?

Children under 12 years do not need to wear a face covering.

Primary school students aged 12 years and over who are attending primary school do not need to wear a face covering while at school.

Children aged two years and younger should never wear a face covering due to choking and strangulation risks.

Can I take it off when eating and drinking?

You can take your face covering off when eating or drinking. You should carry a plastic zip-lock bag to store your face covering in while you eat.

Remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after removing your face covering as this stops the transfer of germs and viruses from the face covering to your hands, face or other objects.

If I don't wear a mask?

People who do not wear face coverings after August 2, and do not have a lawful excuse can be fined $200.

More info at DHHS here

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