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Fire Chief Calls Meeting

Fire Chief Calls Meeting

Beechworth Brigade looking for public support

A public meeting has been called in Beechworth tonight to push the campaign for two ultra light fire fighting vehicles for the Beechworth Brigade.

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The Brigade has been lobbying government for funding for the vehicles, which would cost about $270,000.

Currently, weight limitations mean only private vehicles can be used to fight fires in the gorge, which runs right through the middle of Beechworth.

"The gorge has got a five-tonne bridge limit, so our tankers are too heavy to go in," says Brigade Captain Bruce Forrest. "So for 10 to 12 years we've been using a privately owned Land Cruiser and a Nissan to access the area in the fire season."

He says that after having several applications for new trucks rejected over the years, the Beechworth Brigade decided to invite the public along and increase pressure on the Government.

"Every time we try it's just 'no'," says Captain Forrest. "So we thought we'd inform the public, let them know, and get some public support behind us for our cause."

The Beechworth Fire Brigade also made a submission to this year's bushfire royal commission, outlining its concerns with resourcing and volunteer safety.

Tonight’s meeting is at the Police Paddocks in Beechworth at 6pm.

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