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With the warmer weather, authorities are warning not to gather in large groups

People living on the north side of the border in NSW must not gather in groups of more than 20, or risk a $1000 fine.

Previously, only the organiser of a gathering was liable to receive a fine, but every person in attendance will be held responsible for the breach under a new Public Health Order.

The changes, which came into effect at midnight on Monday 14 September 2020, aim to ensure the safety of the community ahead of an expected increase in gatherings associated with Christmas and end-of-year festivities.

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Operation Corona Virus Commander, Assistant Commissioner Tony Crandell, said that as with the previous restrictions, these amendments have been made with community safety in mind.

"Coming into the warmer months, and with end-of-year festivities around the corner, it’s only natural that people will have additional reasons to want to gather and get together".

Other amendments have also come into effect that impact places of worship, auctions/open homes, weddings, and party buses. To view the restrictions on gatherings and movement in full, please visit the following link:

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