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Photo sourced from Grunt the Pig's Facebook Page

Goodbye Grunt the Pig

Goodbye Grunt the Pig

Photo sourced from Grunt the Pig's Facebook Page

Council Ban Grunt the Pig from being walked on the streets

To locals Grunt the pig is well known to the community, often seen being walked along the streets of Wangaratta, although apparently some people aren’t happy about it.

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The Rural City of Wangaratta Council took to Facebook on Friday afternoon to address that many have been grunting about Grunt the pig.

The council describes several situations where Grunt has “taken food from a child” and has been “uncontained for an extended period of time,” saying that they “were required to spend a number of hours attempting to contain the pig”.

Thankfully, the owner has not been asked to put down the pig, but has been asked to no longer take Grunt for walks or else the owner receives a $860 fine, meaning that if they comply we will no longer see Grunt the pig on the streets of Wangaratta.

Council further argued that if a dog had caused the same level of problems, council will have been obliged to act.

Since the council’s announcement, many locals have said that seeing the pig in the street “brings them joy” and “makes their day," yet others agree it is a fair call.

See the full status from the council here.

The owner of Grunt the pig posted the initial letter on the Grunt the Pig Facebook page, outlining an $860 fine if they did not comply.

The owner of Grunt further released their response to the council's letter justifying the reasons which you can read here:

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