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Hay runners call for help

  • Hay runners call for helpImage source: Burrumbuttock Hay Runners Facebook

Hay runners call for help

The man behind the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, Brendan Farrell, has again called for immediate action to help drought stricken farmers.

Mr. Farrell is still calling for donations to be made to Sydney Rotary to help with fuel and supplies for the farmers

"At the moment it's a catch 22, we've got about 200k in the kitty but most farmers around the area especially down south all know that hay season this year is going to be very tight. Whether I go and buy hay, then I don't fuel up trucks or if I fuel up trucks I can't go and buy hay".

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"All we can really do is just keep raising money and when the time comes I'll make the decision whether to speak to Caltex or BP and see what they can do for us, to at least get fuel in trucks and then it frees up a bit of coin to get hay".

"Jump on the Facebook page; all the money goes to the Rotary Club in Sydney. They look after the fund for us and the more money just makes it that little bit easier for different programs I want to try and do. We need to look at all different types of feeding regimes now for cattle and sheep, not just hay and rain".