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Heater Caused Fatal Fire

Heater Caused Fatal Fire

File photo (Pixabay)

Heater Caused Fatal Fire

Police believe that a heater may have been the cause of the Albury house fire that lead to the death of the 47-year-old man on Sunday.

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The scene of the fire shows that a garden hose was leading from the backyard into the lounge room, insinuating he might have tried to extinguish the blaze himself.

The man has been identified as Danny Truhlar and was a valued member of the community, helping people with drug, alcohol, and mental health issues through St Luke's Anglicare.

Wangaratta Fire Brigade Senior Station Officer Ian Lilley says there is an increased risk of fires in the home during winter, with complacency being one of the greatest dangers, especially when it comes to fire places, heaters, overloading power sockets, old electric blankets, and smoking cigarettes in bed.

He says we should all be aware of the changing dangers.

Here is the CFA's home fire safety checklist. You can see more tips from the CFA here.

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