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Kooka's Cookies Pulled

  • Kooka's Cookies Pulled

Woolies stop stocking iconic Victorian biscuits

Grocery giant Woolworths has delivered a major blow to small town success story.

They have decided to take Kooka's Australian made and produced products off the shelf in all states and territories, except Vic

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EARLIER: A truckie from Humpty Doo has donated a lifetime supply of cookies to the senior citizens of Donald.

Ged Ryan won a nationwide competition held by Kookas Country Cookies in Donald, he donated his prize to the Donald Senior Citizen’s Club.

He tells Nick McCallum says he’s not a hero, but he is humbled it’s gone this far.

‘I admire our senior citizens, they’ve been through drought, fire, flood and good times,’ he tells 3AW Drive.

Ged has since created an account with Kookas County Cookies and has given the senior citizens of Donald the power to order all the cookies they need.