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Large Footprints Found

Large Footprints Found

Large Footprints Found Near River

Reports that large mysterious footprints have been found in Wangaratta near the Northern Beaches.

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There’s no word yet on what the footprints are from but there’s speculation that Wangaratta’s recent frosty mornings may have enticed a winter-loving creature to the region.

Speaking to Mayor Dean Rees, he is not overly-concerned about the creature and believes it should be welcomed into the community.

“I’m not fully aware of the creature’s intentions but I have been assured from secret sources that he is friendly and brings with him good news,” he said.

He further reassured us that Council is investigating the situation as soon as possible.

“I’ve asked Council officers to investigate this immediately and find out who this creature is and what it’s got planned,” said Mr Rees.

We will update you with further news as it comes to us, but for now it seems there is no threat to the community and the creature has sought refuge here after the extremely cold mornings.

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