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Lines off track for Ryan

Lines off track for Ryan

Lines off track for Ryan

Following on from the recent announcement that the Andrews Government will design new trains for the North East Line, the member for Euroa, Steph Ryan has come out questioning the accuracy of their commitment given they have already promised the rolling stock prior to this day.

"They've said that they're going to start designing new long haul trains which they put money in the budget for more than 12 months ago, and have over that 12 months said that they are designing trains. So I'm somewhat dismayed by this announcement because I think if we go any slower on trying to fix the North East line, Daniel Andrews will end up in aged care before we get there".

"This is like labor entering the fourth quarter and trying to run the clock out. Instead of putting any money and investing to actually place an order for new trains, they're now telling us they're designing trains which they said they were designing 12 months ago".

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Ms. Ryan says there is no time line for the project and questions whether the stock will actually eventuate.

"There's no timeline attached to this at all, they've just been kicking the can down the road and dragging this process out. After waiting four years we know that they simply do not plan on buying the trains for the line".

Ms Ryan says over the last 4 years reliability on the line has fallen.

"Data certainly shows that reliability has fallen over the last for years".

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