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File photo: Keith Packenham

Local Bushfire Assistance

Local Bushfire Assistance

File photo: Keith Packenham

Local Bushfire Assistance

We've put together a list of those that are coordinating relief efforts across the North East as the bushfires continue across the state.

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Merriwa Industries vacant space and donations point

Merriwa Industries are offering vacant spaces to welcome caravans, tents, swags & camping at their Wodonga site,15 Romet Road, Wodonga.

Toilet & shower facilities are available with generators, lighting, marquees and cooking facilities.

They have also been taking donations of food, drinks, non perishable items, camping gear etc. and delivering them to multiple evacuation points in the area. They currently have enough donations at the moment but they will advise when they require more donations.

For more details please contact Naomi Leslie on 0438 523 965

Horse Stables

Around 80 horses are currently at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange and they currently they cannot take more horses but the Wangaratta Turf Club have stables and powered sites available. The Wangaratta Regional Study Centre on Tone Road, can also accommodate horses in paddocks.

At both locations please take food and containers for water, be respectful of the space, and clean up after yourself and your horses.

Call 0417327856 if you are heading to the Wangaratta Turf Club.

Accommodation options

• The Australian Defence Force continues to offer accommodation at the Latchford Army Barracks at Bonegilla. There is bedding, food, water, basic medical, showers and toilets available. Buses are available and the option is also there to drive yourself. .

• The Airbnb site Open Homes where you can find accommodation

• to find available accommodation near you.

  • Follow local facebook pages like "Wangaratta Fire Updates, Warnings & Help" where people are offering accommodation at their properties.

  • Oaks Hotels are also offering free 7 nights accommodation. More details HERE



Have you seen a Koala sitting on the ground?

Please call their 24x7 rescue line on 0407412750.

Do not wait, this is NOT normal behaviour.

They would rather have a false alarm than be called when the Koala has been on the ground for 2 days or more.


Tamara's Hair Boutique Wangaratta are offering a free wash and blowave to those affected.

All proceeds going towards the CFA.


ARC (Animal Rescue Collective) Rivers Vines & Alpine - Corowa Central Hub is accepting:

* Pet - carriers, cages, crates, beds & hutches. Pet & baby playpens. Bird & possum boxes. Smaller aviaries. Chicken & other small guage wire. Shade sails & cloth. Cat play towers.
* Child clam pools (or similar) for tortoise & platypus & wildlife feed out stations
* Hanging baskets with coir matting - even better if halves joined together to make a sphere wildlife house.
" Wildlife - rescue pouches, nests, & bat/bird wraps, rescue bags - large & small sturdy fabric shopping bags.
* Non-perishable - dog & cat food, small & large bird seed, horse, cattle, sheep & alpaca pellets, & stock salt/mineral licks,
* Dog & cat collars/leads, food bowls & toys
* Pet flea treatments. Stock lice treatments. Cat, dog & horse wormers. Otocomb ear medication. Neotopic cream. Horse Tetanus/strangles injections. High calorie cat & dog gels.
* Horse rope halters & long leads
* Tuff Tubs (or similar type bucket)
* Wombaroo wildlife products - milk replacers, insectivorous animal & bird meal, reptile meal, bat & microbat meal, tortoise meal, kangaroo/wombat pellets, teats & bottles
* Pet & Wildlife - heat & cooling pads
* Medical supplies - Vet Wrap (or similar) bandages, crepe bandages, Vellband (or similar) bandages, non-stick dressing pads, combine pads, Hyperfix & paper tapes, bandage stockings, Solusite or other wound gels, dressing packs, gauze, Adaptic or other silicone wound gauzes, Jelonet, Betadine, Inandine or other iodine creams & impregnated gauzes, burn creams ie: Silvazeen & Flamazine, Zinc cream (white), IV solutions, IV giving sets, syringes, needles, butterfly needles, scissors, the list goes on...
* Blankets - pure wool.
* Towels - cotton or microfibre

Collection is possible within Albury, Wodonga, Corowa, Wangaratta & nearby surrounds.
Call or text:
David Kiefel 0407711292 or
Jackie Monk 0439750749

Drop off at 16 Murray St, Corowa.
Note: The road is under reconstruction & not always open. Call or text the above numbers & we can provide an alternative address.

Items can be posted to 16 Murray St, Corowa NSW 2646. All post is logged & photographed. Do include some sort of contact detail for acknowledgement of your kindness & generosity.

All items will be distributed to those affected by fire (present crisis), flood (no doubt there'll be more), & other testing acts of God. Plus pet rescue & wildlife shelters & carers, their work is ongoing.

Their focus is on the Lower Riverina NSW (Rivers), The grape growing areas of North Eastern Vic (Vines), & the Vic Mountains (Alpine).
Hence our name ARC Rivers Vines & Alpine.

Water Carts

There's a need for water tankers to cart water to the farmers in Corryong for their livestock, cattle,horses, sheep and other farm animals. If you know of anyone with tankers or even just a water cart it would be greatly appreciated.

Call Matt on 0408676194


Looking for donations of hay for the Corryong district and Wangaratta where people and their animals have been
evacuated to.

If you can help please contact Geoff Dinning on 0418530242. The collection point is Wangaratta Machinery building at 271-285 Tone Road Wangaratta.

Assistance in erecting fencing and pulling down burnt fences

For the Corryong area. Meals and accommodation will be supplied. Please contact Barry Membrey on 0400872799

Donations and supplies for North East Victoria Animal Aid - NEVAA

NEVAA are after medical supplies to help harmed animals and wildlife, as well as the need for dog and cat food. Head HERE to Donate or get in touch via their Facebook page HERE.

You can also donate to:

The Victorian CFA HERE

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal HERE

For other organisations in need of donations, have put together a list HERE

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