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Local Shooting Update

Local Shooting Update

Local Shooting Update

The two men shot at the BP Barnawartha near the Logic Centre in Wodonga were a part of a routine counter-terrorism police check that resulted in both men being transported to hospital in a serious condition.

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The incident began when police tried to intercept the two brothers aged 19 and 30, at Barnawartha BP as part of the counter-terrorism check but the brothers drove away.

Later that day, police found the pair around 3pm near a Barnawartha North camping ground where they were staying. It was then that the brothers rammed the police vehicle in their car when officers tried to intercept them again.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Rust reports threats were also made to police with a knife and tomahawk.

Police resorted to a firearm following failed attempts to subdue one of the men with a spray and a taser and Commissioner Rust says they did everything they could to contain them.

They are currently treating the incident as a violent attack on police, although according to the Herald Sun, the men were involved with outlaw motorcycle gang links, had been know to convert to Islam in prison, and were low-level interest to counter-terrorism police.

Police Media's Natalie Dean says there is no threat to the community and the shooting is still being investigated.

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