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Border Lockdown Challenges

Border Lockdown Challenges

Victoria’s Lockdown Challenges Us All

Member for Albury Justin Clancy has voiced his concerns about the unique challenges the current Victorian lockdown has on border communities.

“For our community living in Victoria it is a really challenging time which reverberates through to Albury and businesses on the north side of the border that are also impacted,” Mr Clancy told Kylie and Kev.

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“Certain businesses won’t be able to get their employees across from Victoria, because they can’t leave home without being an essential worker, even though it’s a Victorian lockdown, it does have its challenges for those north of the border as well.”

Border communities are nervous about the possibility of a return to a hard border closure, but Mr Clancy says that’s not likely to happen.

“I contacted the premier on Friday and she said she has no intention to close the border and she sees a border closure as a last resort,” he said.

“Victoria is in lock down and hopefully that is sufficient to get on top of the challenges they face in Melbourne. From a NSW perspective, we will continue to look at it from a localised hotspot basis and respond accordingly.”

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