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Long Weekend Road Blitz

Long Weekend Road Blitz

Police on the Lookout for Melburnians

Local police will be enforcing road rules this long weekend, and taking action to keep the North East region a Covid-free zone.

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Senior Sergeant Darren Wittingslow says safety is their number one concern.

"We want people to obey the speed limit, not to get distracted by phones or anything else and not to be fatigued; to make sure that they wear their seatbelts and don't drive while they're impaired. We'll be out in force doing alcohol screening and drug tests. It's an all-in-one blitz."

They will also be using numberplate recognition to identify cars from Melbourne that might be trying to sneak into the region.

"We've got our hotlist of those vehicles that shouldn't be up in the region.The warning is there for everyone: if you do decide to try to come up to the North East in particular, you can expect to be pulled over."

They also want to make sure locals take care if they're headed to the ski slopes.

"Make sure that your vehicle is prepared to go up into the alpine areas, you'll be required to carry and quite possibly use snow chains, you must take chains up with you. It's a hazardous environment that can change quite quickly so take care and drive responsibly. "

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