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Long Weekend Road Warning

Long Weekend Road Warning

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Operation Arid Kicks Off Today

North East drivers are being urged to take road safety seriously this long weekend, after a spike of serious accidents in the area.

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Police say they are expecting a large number of visitors to the north east in the next few day, which will make the roads riskier.

Operation Arid kicks off on our roads today, running until the end of the long weekend on at 11.59pm on Monday.

"There's a particular focus up in this area, with all the influx of tourists and sightseers that we will be getting, given that the weather will be extremely wonderful," says North East divisional traffic advisor Sen-Sgt Darren Wittingsloe.

He says they have been seeing more accidents than normal, and are determined to keep people safe.

"Certainly this year we are experiencing an increase in our seriously injured persons," he says. "Nearly double at this time compared to last year, which is very concerning."

He says they have been seeing a lot of single vehicle accidents, which can mostly be linked to driver inattention, inappropriate speed and fatigue. The other group of concern is motorcyclists.

"We know that motorcyclists are quite vulnerable, they only need to make one mistake and they'll find themselves sliding down the road and hurting themselves," he says. "We've had quite a spike in that as well."

Sen-Sgt Wittingsloe is reminding locals to never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"Our main aim is to keep everyone safe."

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