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Magpie Swooping Map

Magpie Swooping Map

Report where you've been swooped across the North East

Spring is here, which means the birds with black and white plumage, gold brown eyes, and a solid wedge-shaped bluish-white and black bill are ready to protect their babies and hunt you down. We are in fact, talking about the Magpie.

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You know when your parents would get protective when you'd bring home your new boyfriend? Or when you'd skate without knee pads? Well, the magpie is nature's ultimate over-protective parent, and keeps us at bay from its babies by swooping down and attacking us.

If you are a cyclist, young, alone, or a runner, you’re a bullseye for the ol’ magpie. But please don’t harm the magpie (FYI it's very illegal), instead let us know across the North East and Border where you’ve been swooped on the map below!

To list the area you've been swooped, click HERE

Then click this tool circled and click on the location you were swooped. Easy peasy done, now you know when to bring out the cable ties!

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