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Masks in Regional Vic

Masks in Regional Vic

Premier Dan says "masks are serving a useful purpose"

The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, says he understands the frustrations about wearing masks for regional Victorians particularly with warmer weather ahead.

Mr Andrews, who grew up in Wangaratta added that he knows with the weather many people will feel uncomfortable, but it is something we all need to get used to.

Speaking to regional media in a zoom call he says it is serving a useful purpose.

"If you think about the cost of wearing a mask, which is quite low, compared to the benefit of not having super spreading events that set us is still a pretty good deal at the moment - low cost, high benefit".

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There are also no new cases in the North East, but the Victorian Government flagged that regional areas will not move to the last COVID-normal level until Melbourne is under control.

The Premier says the Government is however, considering smaller steps for regional Victoria so that we can continue to have activity and jobs as well as a sense of recovery.

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