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Meeting with Treasurer

Meeting with Treasurer

Advocating for the North East Region

Government representatives from across the North East met with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg this week to push for funding for the area.

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Organised by Member for Indi Helen Haines, mayors and CEOs from nine municipalities in the Hume Region advocated for a total of $890m worth of projects to the Federal government.

Wangaratta Mayor Dean Rees says the meeting was a great chance to advocate for the North East.

"We put some proposals to the Treasurer to help us out of COVID, to get some major infrastructure projects done, to get some money so we can complete some projects that we have earmarked and are ready to go straight away on," he says.

Mayor Rees asked for more than $62 million for specific projects to create jobs and attract tourists to Wangaratta, including investment in the Wangaratta Aerodrome, the Sports and Aquatic Precinct and sealing and grading of the Benalla-Whitfield road.

He says the Treasurer is being very careful with funding allocation after the COVID-19 budget blowout, but north east leaders will keep doing everything they can for the area.

"I'm a big believer that we need to be the squeaky wheel, and keep putting things under the door of the treasurer, and the relevant MPS," he says.

"Rest assured, we'll be fighting for as much as we can possibly get from all forms of government, to keep Wangaratta thriving."

"I also have to congratulate Helen Haines for putting us forward to be in the office with Josh Frydenberg," he adds.

"She's a great advocate for our Indi area overall, and a very, very good advocate for Wangaratta, and I know that she'll be still pushing the barrow for us."

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