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More police patrols

More police patrols

Wangaratta Police to enhance safety at local food retailers in wake of COVID-19

Police across the Victorian state will be keeping a close watch on locals over the next few weeks, with concerns about safety and behaviour amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Police operations in Wangaratta will see officers on high alert for poor behaviour in shopping centres, supermarkets and public spaces.

Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Kirton from Wangaratta Police Station says the move is necessary for the safety of shoppers and staff at local food retailers, and will reflect measures being taken statewide.

‘Despite what (authorities) are saying about there being plenty of food available, people are still hoarding and behaving in an antisocial way in some locations. Police will be actively patrolling all supermarkets, butchers, greengrocers, everywhere where food supplies are available. We’ll be there to make sure everyone is doing the right thing.’

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