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NE Credit Card Scam

NE Credit Card Scam

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NE Credit Card Scam

Yet another form of scamming in the North East has been made apparent with credit cards on the Internet.

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It involves criminals skimming credit card details from shopping websites.

The practice is known as formjacking, and has been identified by Symantec’s Internet Security Report.

Spokesman Nick Savvides says formjacking is a growing threat to consumers and online retailers.

"Unfortunately these type of attacks are difficult to detect with the naked eye so i would recommend that local residents ensure that they have some sort of security product on their systems that detects and blocks these sorts of attacks,” he said.

Nick further warns that small businesses in the North East are in the most danger.

"For small businesses I would highly recommend testing their sites regularly because they are by far the most targeted by these type of attackers,” he said.

If you think you've experienced an online attack contact your credit card company immediately.

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