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Trailer: Red Sparrow

Trailer: Red Sparrow

New Joel Edgerton film

Jennifer Lawrence found it difficult practising her Russian accent for Red Sparrow, because she knew much of the crew from filming The Hunger Games.

The actress plays a Russian spy in the latest thriller by Francis Lawrence, who also directed the last three instalments of The Hunger Games series. Though Jennifer tried to maintain her character’s accent while on set, she admitted that the company she kept meant the task was much harder than anticipated.

“I tried to stay in the accent, but it’s so hard because I’ve known the crew for so long,” the 27-year-old groaned in an interview with Britain’s Total Film magazine. “So I can’t talk to them in a Russian accent. Next time I do a movie doing an accent, I’m never going to go in and out (of accents) because it makes it so much harder.”

Her latest role brought additional challenges with Jennifer taking up ballet training as she prepared to play Dominika Egorova, who is a ballerina as well as a spy.

- Opens in Australia 01 March 2018

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The Silver Linings Playbook star also had to get to grips with a hard-hitting script that saw her character become a victim of violence and sexual abuse, but shared that cracking jokes between takes always got her through filming the toughest of scenes.

“Joel Egerton, who plays her love interest in the film) and I are very similar. We’d both be joking and talking about something completely different until ‘action,’” said the Oscar winner.

“I can’t imagine staying in a head space and not having fun. Otherwise, why would you do it?” And director Francis agreed, going on to share that Jennifer’s attitude hasn’t changed one bit since playing Katniss Everdeen.

“On the Mockingjay movies, we actually cut a reel together of the moment she switches – because she will be joking and cracking fart jokes right up to the moment you call ‘action,’” he laughed.

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