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No New Covid Cases

No New Covid Cases

Member for Benambra calls for a different approach for regional Vic

Before the restrictions will be eased in country Victoria to the “Last Step”, the government requires no new cases for 14 days across the entire state.

Restaurants dine-in, community sport, beauty services, church services and many other longed-for activities only re-open under the “Last Step.”

Getting to the “Third Step” is reliant on all of country Victoria, but Member for Benambra Bill Tilley believes areas like Corryong are treated the same as Geelong and Barnawartha is being lumped with Bendigo.

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Mr Tilley says the Premier’s plan does not take into account the vast distances between communities, or the difference between metropolitan Melbourne and regional communities.

"There are 34 local government areas in regional Victoria which already meet the government’s measure of not recording any new COVID case in the past 14 days. Many like ours have been COVID free for this entire period, the only glitch are failures in reporting that said we had a case but the person no longer lives here."

"I have called for an approach that enables COVID-free country areas to move to the “Last Step” by region."

"If we have to wait for Melbourne to get to 14 days without a new case, we’ll never have restrictions lifted."

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