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No more Tier 2

No more Tier 2

Local Businesses will be in charge of contacting customers when they become tier 2

Businesses in the North East will now need to contact their customers themselves, if they become a Tier 2 COVID-19 exposure site.

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The Victorian government announced last week they were no longer going to officially list Tier 2 sites on their Victorian Government Health website.

Executive Director of Albury Wodonga Health's Local Public Health Unit Lucie Shanahan said she can see why the Government will no longer list Tier 2 sites.

“While there is a large volume of tier 2 sites, they haven’t yielded a significant number of cases, so they are not proving to be sites of concern in terms of requiring public listing and public communication,” Ms Shanahan said.

The health department will only be listing sites that are Tier 1.

Businesses will be contacted by the health department if they are Tier 2 and then the local business will need to contact their customers to advise them to isolate.

If the business chooses to, they can post on social media.

“In our small communities word travels faster than we can get the word out through official department on health channels but if there is notification through the business that they are an exposure site and it’s not on the DHHS website then it needs to be treated as tier 2," said Ms Shanahan.

Tier 2 exposure sites normally mean that any person who visited a venue of concern during dates and times that a COVID-19 positive person also did, the person will need to get tested and isolate until they have a negative result.

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