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Ora Holt Ride

Ora Holt Ride

Ora Holt Ride

The 4 Kids Future & Carers Foundation have arranged the Ora Holt Memorial Ride, Walk, Run on Saturday December 1st.

Chairman of the Foundation Jason Reid says participation is important as it is in memory of Ora who was a victim of domestic violence.

"On the 1st of December we'll have a memorial run, ride and horse ride in the memoriam of Ora Holt who is sadly a victim of family violence in Wangaratta, a long time local of Bright and also residing in Wangaratta when the incident happened. Take off from Freeburgh just out Bright".

Jason Reid says the route they take will be the route Ora took on her horse when living in the area.

"Ora grew up at the Freeburgh caravan park and obviously got to know all the locals there and was very, very friendly with the local horse riding business. So she used to get on her horse and ride over the gap to Wandiligong which is where the route's going to take us on the day".

"We'll all pull up at the beautiful Wandiligong maze and have a few refreshments and a BBQ and just reflect".

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Mr. Reid says the day is organised to reflect on the circumstances surrounding Ora's death and to raise money for the children she left behind.

"The whole team, the whole committee will be working very hard raising money along the way in support of the kids going forward, but also it's as much about letting people know that these things to happen and to try and stop it somehow just through awareness I guess is as good as reason to come even if you don't have many funds you can part with".

He says the house they have built for the four kids left behind and their carer grandparents is finished and the family were left overwhelmed but it was something the community had to do.

"(they're) Still overwhelmed and I can understand that, very humbled and at the end of the day it's something that needs to be done and the whole communities been amazing and fantastic in doing that for them".

To find out more, go to the 4 Kids and Carers Future Foundation Facebook page.

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