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Protest Border

Protest Border

Protest on the Border - Should it go ahead?

Police have been investigating the planned protest rally set to be held at the border tomorrow morning in Wodonga.

It comes after a social media post urged people to gather at the Gateway Lakes before walking across to NSW.

Officers were looking to speak to the organisers on Tuesday to ensure social distancing will be complied with, and that other COVID requirements will be adhered to.

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Making news today:

New figures from Border Closure Survey

Business NSW is horrified at the figures revealed in their Border Closure Survey that shows not only are businesses on both sides of the border suffering, but are very close to closing the doors.

Murray Riverina Manager Andrew Cottrill says to avert the pressure on business the Victorian Government need to give assurances they are stopping Melbourne people travelling into our region.

Loss of business

Federal Member for Indi Helen Haines is concerned by the number of jobs that will be lost due to the border restrictions.

Indigo Shire Council Mayor Jenny O’Connor has confirmed more than 1000 shire residents who normally work in NSW can’t get to work which is 14% of the shire’s working population.

Despite community transmission, people in Melbourne and Sydney can still go to work.

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