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PM Ignores Murray Plea

PM Ignores Murray Plea

PM Ignores Murray Plea

The Prime Minister has rejected pleas from community groups to discuss the Murray-Darling Basin and resolve the critical issues facing the region.

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The Speak Up committee is one of many disappointed that the Prime Minister has denied a meeting to discuss the water crisis.

Chair of Speak Up, Shelley Scoullar, said the response was not what the farming, community, local government and indigenous groups wanted to hear but is still very proactive about a solution.

“We need to get standardised metering & compliance into the northern basin, If there’s consistent rules and modern technology used to meter what's taken out of the rivers, and with floodplain harvesting - that will make a difference not only to us down here but also those in the northern Basin,” she said.

Member for Farrer, Sussan Ley has also indicated she will continue trying to organise a meeting.

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