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Reckless driving in NE

Reckless driving in NE

Reckless driving in NE

Two separate dash cam footage incidents across the North East and Border has flagged the dangerous driving occurring on our windy roads.

The first instance occurred when a local driver attempted an overtake, and almost caused a collision. The footage shows the driver of a Sureway company car attempting to overtake two trucks on the Murray Valley Highway near Tallangatta.

The truck driver Jack Fletcher posted the video to social media on Thursday with the caption ''Some people just don't think''.

See near miss at 0:50:

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Another incident occurred on Spring Drive road near Mulwala where a truck went to overtake driver Bec while she was allegedly maintaining the correct speed at 100kms per hr.

Bec said on Facebook "in the end I had to slam on my breaks to avoid a major accident due to on coming truck and car behind me."

See near miss below at 1:02 (Language Warning)

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