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Ruby Kit Kat

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Kit Kat

Are you ready for a new type of chocolate?

Nestlé today unveiled KitKat Ruby to chocolate lovers in Europe after its successful debut in Japan and Korea in January this year.

According to the manufacturers, KitKat Ruby offers consumers a new way of savouring chocolate.

The crispy four-finger wafer bar is coated with Ruby chocolate, derived from Ruby cocoa beans, which has an intense berry-fruitiness taste without the addition of any flavour or colour.

Leveraging its speed and agility in innovation, Nestlé is first to produce and launch this fourth type of chocolate—after dark, milk and white—to consumers worldwide through its global brand Nestlé KitKat.


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KitKat Ruby is manufactured in Hamburg, Germany using UTZ-certified cocoa beans.

"Our teams globally took just four months to develop the first product after Ruby chocolate was revealed. We are very pleased with the speed and innovation KitKat Ruby brings and are now excited to introduce it to more consumers in Europe," said Alexander von Maillot, Global Head of Confectionery."

He added that KitKat Ruby will be available in major retailers across Europe, starting with the UK next week, to meet the growing demands of consumers who enjoy experimenting with new trends.

Unfortunately for KitKat fans in Oz, Ruby won’t be hitting our shores anytime soon.

But there is just released KiKat Mint 2 Ways and KitKat Caramel Pretzel 2 Ways to keep Australian fans content.

KitKat lovers can also “create their own break” at the store in Melbourne at 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne.


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