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Severe Weather To Come

Severe Weather To Come

Rainfall Upwards Between 50 and 120mm Are Likely Across The Region

Severe weather is knocking on our door with meteorologists predicting a dynamic day and warning the time to prepare is now.

Speaking with Kylie and Kev, Prime7 news anchor and meteorologist Karl Lijnders says the North East and Southern NSW region is forecast for a very wet day.

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“Severe thunderstorms are very likely, with strong to severe weather right throughout the day,” Karl warned.

“Rainfall upwards between 50 and 120mm are likely across the region over the coming 24 to 36 hours, so again flood watches are likely to be issued or re-issued if they haven’t already been by the Bureau.

“Stay up to date with the warnings as water will pool very quickly with high rainfall rates.” Karl Lijnders also warns there is a risk of tornadoes through parts of the region tomorrow afternoon and evening.

“I am actually very conservative when it comes to the “T” word, but the atmosphere does lend itself to producing one or two rotating storms that have the ability to produce a tornado,” he said.

“It’s not high risk, but it’s not impossible, so be weather aware and look out for the warnings tomorrow.

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