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Sewage spill

Sewage spill

Sewage spill

A burst pipe caused a sewage spill of around 650 kilolitres of waste water onto a number of residential properties off Bickerton street, Wangaratta on Saturday December 15.

The waste water became trapped by by the Wangaratta Levee bank before sewage pumps were switched off by North East Water around 11pm that night, according to the Wangaratta Chronicle.

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North East Waste executive operations, John Day said that the spill was reported at 4:30pm, and the spill was approximately 10% of the city's daily flow.

The cause of the broken pipe was not known, however Mr. Day advised that the pumps would have been working flat out due to the recent torrential rain, and any small crack from a tree root for example, would be enough to push it out.

The broken pipe was repaired by 11pm and the area disinfected with no run off into water ways.

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