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Snow Restrictions Hurt

Snow Restrictions Hurt

Melburnians Cancelling Trips to Alpine Region

The strict requirements for Melburnians wanting to go to the snow are being criticised by the hard-hit ski industry.

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The barrier between Melbourne and regional Victoria is now lifted, but city people must produce a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of going to the snow.

President of the Falls Creek Chamber of Commerce Lisa Logan says just the announcement alone had an impact on business.

"We've seen a number of people cancel for this weekend. I've been fielding a number of people who have requested cancellations up to two weeks away because they're not confident, so that's very frustrating."

Ms Logan says they're not concerned about the safety of Melburnians coming, because they already have a strict COVID-safe plan in place.

"The industry has been doing lots of briefings and advice to make sure we're one of the safest places to come to," she explains.

"Being an isolated community, we need to make sure that we only have a healthy population coming to visit us. Our restrictions are quite tight, we've got all the marshalling in place, we've got our safety plans."

Ms Logan does say they've had great snow up there this week.

"With that in mind, we feel like we could recover quite well," she says.

"But Melburnians are 60 per cent or more of our market, so if they're restricted that will have a huge impact on us. We want to make sure they're free to come and to plan."

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