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Target Stores

Target Stores

Target Stores under threat

There has been another blow to the retail industry, with more than 70 stores under threat and a further 92 likely to be converted into Kmart stores.

Wesfarmers announced there will be a restructure of the Target stores and Target Country Stores, adding further injury to the already crippling industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There has been no mention about which stores are closing.

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Staff that will be impacted may be offered work at Kmart or provided opportunities at other Wesfarmers businesses such as Bunnings and Officeworks.

There is currently Target stores across the North East in Wangaratta and Wodonga which could be under threat, but there has been no indication on which stores are closing.

Many retail stores in the North East are suffering during the COVID-19 crisis.

Most recently, Priceline in Wangaratta announced its closure in June.

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