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The Castle House Denied

The Castle House Denied

The Castle House Denied

Indigo Shire have rejected an application to develop a Caravan Park at Mayday Hills which would include the house from the iconic Australian movie, The Castle.

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The house was initially purchased by George Fendyk at auction, but now the council have not approved the original house and Mr Fendyk feels the council haven’t acted in the best interests of the Beechworth community.

Mr Fendyk claims they have rejected it because a permit wasn't applied for properly.

“I’ve had to move it from Essendon cause it was going to be demolished if I didn’t, so I moved it to the new site and started putting it together and now they think I haven’t put the permit in,” he said. reports that Indigo Shire councillors voted 5-2 against the caravan park proposal, with council arguing that the proposal would “adversely affect the amenity and vibe of the surrounding area”.

Former Indigo Shire mayor Jenny O’Connor said that Mayday Hills is “paramount significance to the community as a heritage site that is pivotal to the history and future of Beechworth.”

Mr Fendyk said that he is not going to move the house again and will be looking to repair it and rent it out, losing the history as the Kerrigan's home from the Castle movie.

He may still challenge the decision through VCAT.

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