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sydney Trains

Train derailment

Train derailment

sydney Trains

16 injured when NSW train leaves tracks

A passenger train has derailed at Richmond Station in Sydney’s north-west, injuring at least a dozen people.

NSW Ambulance say, “17 crews are responding as well as three rescue helicopters.”

24 paramedics assisted doctors in treating at least 16 people with injuries ranging from a fractured leg to back and neck pain.

They’ve being taken to nearby hospitals in stable conditions.

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Witness Harry called Sydney Radio 2GB from the scene after witnessing the crash.

“There was an almighty bang. We turned around in time to see the train, it was rolling backwards, probably a good carriage length. It had rebounded.

“Huge amount of dust. There’d be some injuries for sure. It really did hit hard, I’ve never seen one like it.”

Steve also called from the station, saying it’s “chaos”.

“A second chopper has just landed on the oval across from the station. The street’s all blocked off.”

Sky Sports Radio commentator Fred Hastings was at the scene

“There’s a triage area set up in the park. A second helicopter has just arrived.

“There’s ambulances everywhere. It’s pretty chaotic, but in a calm way if that makes sense.”


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