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Terrifying Death Rate

Terrifying Death Rate

Deaths Would Have Wiped Out Albury Wodonga

With the United Kingdom notching up the sad milestone of more than 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, it has been a sobering thought to compare it to wiping out the entire population of Albury Wodonga.

To give listeners a perspective of living through the pandemic, Birmingham resident Harry Fowler joined Kylie and Kev to share his experiences, in particular of being terrified by the death rate.

“Birmingham is a huge city, over one-million people,” Harry said.

“For a year now, we’ve been in and out of some form of lockdown from very extreme to semi-lockdowns if you like. We’re now in a state where pretty well everything has stopped.

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“I’ve hardly been out of the house except to go for a run or a bike ride. Lots of people are losing their jobs and lots of small businesses are going to the wall, it’s pretty bleak.

“The death rate is terrifying in that most people know someone who has lost family members. My neighbour is now very ill with Coronavirus, he’s 75 and he doesn’t look likely he’s going to survive.”

While the UK Government has been criticised for their initial handling of the pandemic, Harry says the vaccination process has been well handled and hopes Australians also gain some optimism about the vaccine roll-out.

“The vaccine has been like the cavalry coming over the hill,” he said.

“As of today there’s well over 10% of the population that have had the vaccination.”

“Of all the things this government has done or mishandled, to be fair – the vaccination they got right,” Harry explained.

“They set themselves a target of 2 million a week and they’re pretty much hitting that, it’s the one thing that’s been fantastic.

“As long as the supply of vaccine keeps coming – there are thousands of people putting needles into arms, and that’s my source of hope that will begin to move us out of it, but of course we’re not out of it until everyone is out of it. The next issue is, how do we help the rest of the world to vaccinate itself?”

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