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Vic Alp avalanche warning

Vic Alp avalanche warning

Vic Alp avalanche warning

The SES and Bureau of Meteorology have issued warnings in the Victorian Alps of avalanches, given the exceptional snowfalls combined with ice over the season.

On Mt Buller, spokesperson Rhylla Morgan says it is not normal to have these conditions but caution should be applied.

"It doesn't happen very often but it is something that comes with this much snow landing this quickly. There can be some instability with that snow; it'll tend to come in layers, if you think about when snow flies off a roof it can be a similar scenario so the SES have put out some warnings and they did this at a similar time last year when we had some big snowfalls".

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The conditions are exceptional in the Victorian Alps given the heavy snowfalls received at all resorts.
Ms. Morgan says the safety issues are beyond the boundaries of the resorts.

"It's really something to be aware of if you're someone who goes out exploring in the side country or the back country, so that's anywhere outside of a resort area where you don't have ski patrol checking the runs for you, you really need to be very careful at the moment. The SES are warning that that's probably not such a great idea right now until that snow pack has started to settle down".

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