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Wang Waste Warriors!

Wang Waste Warriors!

Wang Waste Warriors!

The Rural City is trailblazing the way in better organic waste processing as part of a multi-council consortium seeking $5 million to further develop a Rural Councils Transformation Program.

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Wangaratta is set to play ‘lead council’ in providing processing functions on a ‘fee for services’ basis to a host of other councils in the region via the new North Wangaratta facility, with investment being sought to enhance the facility’s capacity and infrastructure.

The Alpine Shire has already committed to the program, with several other shires expected to follow suit.

Cost savings to waste management alone will amount to $626, 000, with potential flow-on benefits to local employment, commercial processing and further grant funding.

Under the program, service sharing would also extend to emergency management, capital work procurement, business systems and regulatory services, with a $6.2 million return expected on investment across multiple council service sharing over five years.

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