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Milestone Reached

Milestone Reached

Wangaratta Reaches 80% Vaccine First Dose Coverage

Vaccination passport trials will be starting in the next few weeks across the state but Wangaratta will not be included.

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Wangaratta has currently completed 82.2 percent of first dose vaccinations and 51.8 percent second dose, which puts us just under the other local government areas that were chosen.

Wangaratta Mayor Dean Rees said he has some concerns about how the passports will be policed.

"I just don't know how they are going to enforce or control the compliance issue of it and its gotta be governed by the employer and their employees," Mr Rees said.

"Its a good thing Wangaratta isn't included in it. It will be good to see how these trials go in more densely populated areas, areas that have higher vaccinations rates than us, but don't give us the results in a month or two months time, get in do the trial for a week or two, see how it works and try and hit more areas to adopt it, if that's the way it's going to be."

Mayor Rees said he spoke to COVID commander Jeroen Weimar and the reason for the regions slow opening was to stop Melbourne residents from escaping to the regions.

"I see people in our towns all day every day, I see these people and I don't know where they are from and there has to be Melbourne people floating around up here enjoying the country air and the lifestyle," Mr Rees said.

"Do we need a better ring of steel?"

"I don't know the answer, but I just want Wangaratta to stay safe and to get business operating again."

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